About Us

It started when I was quite young growing up in Lincolnshire, I was fascinated by the pretty things my Mum (Alice) and my Aunties had, jewellery, glassware, china, beautiful tablecloths, in fact, anything pretty.  I remember those lovely Summer Days surrounded by all of these beautiful things and lots of laughter and that is what I associate pretty things with – happiness in the Lincolnshire countryside.

I begged a lot of my Mum’s china and glass from her over the years and have been sourcing lots more from anywhere I can to the point where my husband would say “Where are you going to put that?”  I would not want to give these pretty things away and so came up with the idea of hiring them out so that I can still own them but let other people enjoy them too and spread the happiness around.

For more information call 07940 171482 or email: info@alicelilyvintage.com